Green Hills Golf Course Details & History

This course layout is a test for golfers of all skill and experience levels. It’s a precise course that holds greater rewards for the golfer who keeps the ball in play rather than the player who relies on the long ball. The Green Hills Golf Course measures a sneaky 5,933 yards, and most players say it gives them optimistic hope in the early holes while causing serious second guessing later in the round. In other words, most guests leave Green Hills feeling either proud or humbled.


Scorecard and Stats

Blue: yards 6239      Slope 117     Rating 69.3
White: yards 5933     Slope 115      Rating 68.0
Red: yards 5372      Slope 116      Rating 70.5



  • February 22 Tom Pflieger #7 at Green Hills, did not have the Chari Tee
  • May 25 John McIntire hit his fith hole in one using a 5 iron. Witnesses were: Paul Cortez, Bill Webb, and Red Williams 
  • June 2 Jason Nobles from Ft. Worth, Texas got a hole in one using his PW.


  • March 27  Rich Kauble his 9th FIRST hole in one to kick off the 2016 season!  #7
  • May 19  Kasper Rottinger  hole #7  for $1,000 his first ever ace
  • May 23  Pete Ruffing  #11
  • June 3  #7  Mike Consolo his first ever ace
  • June 18  #4  hole in one by Don Brooks
  • June 20  #7  Dalton Florence for $1,000 prize  first ever ace; video
  • June 26  Gary Binger his 4th hole in one  -  this one occurred on #4
  • July 5  during Eagle league STEVE ROTH had his 2nd ever ACE with a "smooth 5 iron"  witnesses were:  Bart Marvin, Paul Ruffing and Bob Zoeller
  • July 24 Joyce Gibson; video
  • Sept 8 Congratulations to RYDER GAMERSTFELDER hole in one on number 4 while playing practice round with fellow team members Zach Weinheimer and Brady Patrick


  • Sunday MAY 18 Brad Allen ACED Number 7 using his 7 iron – he then became our FIRST Charitee $1,000  WINNER; video
  • Tuesday MAY 27 Christopher A. Cleveland ACED 104 yard Number 14 using his A Wedge. Witnessing this hole in one was Dakota Null
  • THEN……..Same day – Same hole Bruce Baker took ONE SHOT during Couples League play – Witnesses to Bruces hole in one was:  Rita Baker, Tom and Carol Kubit. CONGRATS to Christopher and Bruce on their FIRST HOLE IN ONE!
  • Thursday JUNE 12  Abel Lozano His FIRST HOLE IN ONE!! Number 7 using his PW witnessed by Lupe Lozano! CONGRATS to Abel and YES!!!  He purchased his $3 Chari Tee ticket and becomes Green Hills SECOND winner this season! video
  • JULY 26  Israel Ysasi of fremont ACED 200 yard number 4 while golfing with Lynda Ysasi CONGRATS Israel on you FIRST EVER HOLE IN ONE!!
  • July 31  Larry Durdel of Clyde got his first ACE on number 14 while golfing with Harry Newsome and Tico Mendoza
  • August 29 Dan Redd ACED number 14 while enjoying a vist from Jacksonville FL and golfing with his older brother, John   CONGRATS Dan on this first hole in one!


  • Tuesday APRIL 30 Al Gerber ACED Number 7  using his 8 iron
  • Sunday MAY 18 Pete Davis ACED Number 7 using his PW
  • Friday AUGUST 30 Tanner Hisey ACED Number 8 on Executive West using 5 iron 160 yards witnessed by Dalton Florence   CONGRATS Tanner!!
  • Monday OCTOBER 14 Ronnie Messer ACED Number 14 using his approach wedge Witnesses to this SECOND ACE were Pastor James Lewis, Jim Avery and Wayne Mott