Chari Tee $1,000 Winners!

BRAD at GH            ABEL at GH            RON at WOUSS.




  • March 26 Carl Werner #7, $1,000 Charitee Winner. Witnesses were: Dave Brown, Gerry Frederick, Todd Groves
  • May 23 Mike Lowery #7, 1,000 winner (click here to watch him ace the hole!)
  • May 27 Bill Hammer #14


  • February 22 Tom Pflieger #7 at Green Hills, did not have the Chari Tee

  • May 25 John McIntire hit his fith hole in one using a 5 iron. Witnesses were: Paul Cortez, Bill Webb, and Red Williams 

  • June 2 Jason Nobles from Ft. Worth, Texas got a hole in one using his PW.


  • March 27  Rich Kauble his 9th FIRST hole in one to kick off the 2016 season!  #7

  • May 19  Kasper Rottinger  hole #7  for $1,000 his first ever ace

  • May 23  Pete Ruffing  #11

  • June 3  #7  Mike Consolo his first ever ace

  • June 18  #4  hole in one by Don Brooks

  • June 20  #7  Dalton Florence for $1,000 prize  first ever ace; video

  • June 26  Gary Binger his 4th hole in one  -  this one occurred on #4

  • July 5  during Eagle league STEVE ROTH had his 2nd ever ACE with a "smooth 5 iron"  witnesses were:  Bart Marvin, Paul Ruffing and Bob Zoeller

  • July 24 Joyce Gibson; video

  • Sept 8 Congratulations to RYDER GAMERSTFELDER hole in one on number 4 while playing practice round with fellow team members Zach Weinheimer and Brady Patrick


  • Sunday MAY 18 Brad Allen ACED Number 7 using his 7 iron – he then became our FIRST Charitee $1,000  WINNER; video

  • Tuesday MAY 27 Christopher A. Cleveland ACED 104 yard Number 14 using his A Wedge. Witnessing this hole in one was Dakota Null

  • THEN……..Same day – Same hole Bruce Baker took ONE SHOT during Couples League play – Witnesses to Bruces hole in one was:  Rita Baker, Tom and Carol Kubit. CONGRATS to Christopher and Bruce on their FIRST HOLE IN ONE!

  • Thursday JUNE 12  Abel Lozano His FIRST HOLE IN ONE!! Number 7 using his PW witnessed by Lupe Lozano! CONGRATS to Abel and YES!!!  He purchased his $3 Chari Tee ticket and becomes Green Hills SECOND winner this season! video

  • JULY 26  Israel Ysasi of fremont ACED 200 yard number 4 while golfing with Lynda Ysasi CONGRATS Israel on you FIRST EVER HOLE IN ONE!!

  • July 31  Larry Durdel of Clyde got his first ACE on number 14 while golfing with Harry Newsome and Tico Mendoza

  • August 29 Dan Redd ACED number 14 while enjoying a vist from Jacksonville FL and golfing with his older brother, John   CONGRATS Dan on this first hole in one!


  • Tuesday APRIL 30 Al Gerber ACED Number 7  using his 8 iron

  • Sunday MAY 18 Pete Davis ACED Number 7 using his PW

  • Friday AUGUST 30 Tanner Hisey ACED Number 8 on Executive West using 5 iron 160 yards witnessed by Dalton Florence   CONGRATS Tanner!!

  • Monday OCTOBER 14 Ronnie Messer ACED Number 14 using his approach wedge Witnesses to this SECOND ACE were Pastor James Lewis, Jim Avery and Wayne Mott