18 Hole Course


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This course layout is a test for golfers of all skill and experience levels. It’s a precise course that holds greater rewards for the golfer who keeps the ball in play rather than the player who relies on the long ball. The Green Hills Golf Course measures a sneaky 5,933 yards, and most players say it gives them optimistic hope in the early holes while causing serious second guessing later in the round. In other words, most guests leave Green Hills feeling either proud or humbled.



Photo from 2015 of Green Hills & Wousickett owners Bob Crockett [left] and cousin Adam Crockett [right]

August of 2016 the co-owner cousins sold River cliff in Fremont and together with Bob’s son, Sonny and Bob’s brother Mark at Woussickett they all work hand in hand on the day to day operations of both courses. Bob’s dad, Robert A. passed away in May of 2013 and Adam’s dad, Tom, passed away in 2024. 2018 marked 60 years in Family Business for the Crocketts although no one puts in more time than Bob and Adam there are several other family members “chipping in” to assist and along with them a great team of employees the business celebrated a wonderful 60 years!

In 2019 Adam’s daughter, Abby is back full time and as Bob and son, Sonny oversee the entire “outdoor operation” and maintenance Adam and his daughter oversee the entire “indoor operation” of both Green Hills and Woussickett. Together the four keep balance of all aspects of the company. As years come and go; businesses open and close the Crockett family is striving to continue to remain steadfast in offering memorable golf experiences “FORE” generations to come.

Adam [left] and Bob [right]

Abby [left] and Sonny [right]

Photos taken prior to the 2019 Armed Forces Scramble on #1 tee.